July 11, 2011


Shoes. Like diamonds, a girls best friend, right? Well, yeah, but what do you do when you have two pairs of beautiful, adorable, expensive shoes that you can't walk on? Seriously, I have the most awesome and sexy pair of Christian Louboutins that I can't wear. Everytimes I try them on I stumble and fall. I have tried to watch videos on how to walk with heels but nothing seems to work. I can tolerate platforms, even very high platforms, but stiletto heels are just a miss with my feet. Ugh! I also have a pair of Guccis, but the story repeats itself. I can't help but wonder, what do the stars do? Celebrities and even some people you see around the street work their 7 inch stilettos like nothing. I mean, I understand that some pain is involved and their feet end up with blisters all over, but how can they maintain their balance. Why do they not fall to their sides. Have they made a pact with the devil? What the actual fuck? So now I ask you... What do I do? Do you have any tips?

See? Full of dust. That's how unused they are.

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