May 27, 2011


Given the fact that I'm finally graduating from college, I've recently decided to treat myself to a few beauty purchases. These are the things I've gotten:

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
Without doubt, the best foundation I've ever tried. The coverage is medium, and it oxidizes a little, which I like. Definitely worth the 45 bucks I splurged on it. And best of all, a little goes a long way. It's very matte, so it's not necessary to set it with powder.

 Ecotools Foundation Brush
I got this brush at Walgreens, and while it's good at doing its job, I just don't love it. I feel I need to use more foundation than necessary, since this kind of brush sucks it all up.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Now this brush I adore. I had been searching for a stippling brush for ages, but just couldn't get myself to drop almost 40 dollars on one. Then I saw these, made by my favorite YouTube makeup guru, Samantha Chapman, from Pixiwoo, and I fell in love. It was less than 10 dollars at Ulta and it applies foundation like a dream. Because of the design of stippling brushes, virtually no foundation is used. A+.

Real Techniques Blush Brush
Also an amazing brush by Samantha Chapman, seriously, check her channel out. It's big enough to apply loose powder, but the tip design makes it wonderful for applying blush and contouring with bronzer.
NYX Glitter Cream Pallete
Well, this is adorable. I felt like Katy Perry when wearing it, but it's also messy. My eyes can't stop itching... But  it's so pretty! The prices to pay for beauty, no?

Formula 10.0.6 Daily Foaming Cleanser
I've just started using this, so I can't give a proper review on it. All I can say is that my face feels clean, soft, and smells wonderful.

NYX Blush, in Pinched
This is an exact dupe of NARS Orgasm blush, which is amazing, considering the $5 price I payed, versus the $27 price tag for the NARS. It looks very, very pretty on. Photo from

Rosebud Salve Lipbalm
I hate the smell, pure roses, which probably makes me a man. But it's an amazing balm. Makes your lips incredibly soft and kissable. 

Sephora Anti-Shine Primer
Ugh, this I hate. I still wear it, because I have nothing else, but seriously, the feel on my skin is annoying, and it doesn't give me that silky feeling I get with MAC's Prep & Prime. :(


Anonymous said...

ah! yo tengo los ecobrushes and only hate that one! haha it does soak up too much. Totally with ya there. The lipbalm is amazing! Thing is, I love roses hahaha No vienen de otros scents? Maybe you could have best of both worlds :)

Laly said...

Ahhhh, thank you for the comment, Fi! Haha, I already splurged on the balm, so I better start to love roses!

Anonymous said...

I love everything! I own the eco tools brush and I have to agree, I like it for light foundation but its not my favorite, I prefer sponges or a stippling brush. I own the rosebud too it never leaves my purse :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I went to buy the stippling brush at ULTA and OMG it's amazing!! I LOVE IT!! I used the Eco tools foundation brush and I thought it was good until i tried the stippling brush lol . The eco tools brush sucked the foundation. It's so soft though lol. I also have makeup brushes from Eco tools but I don't like them too much. Also I heard a lot of good things from NYX but I haven't bought anything from it yet. I love reading your blog and thanks for the beauty products review!

Ps is there an ULTA in PR??

Ps this is Alejandra gutierrez

Laly said...

Hola Alejandra! Thank you for reading my blog! I am so glad you like the stippling brush. Life saver, ain't it? Sadly, PR does not have an ULTA, therefore all purchases have to be made online.
Again, thank you so much for, not only taking the time to read me, but to also actually like my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome and thank you for posting it :D. Yes! Really good brush and have you noticed that they look like the premium sephora brushes. Those are so expensive! I'm actually a MAC fan when it comes to makeup brushes and when I have the money for it lol. Man it sucks that you guys don't have ULTA there but at least you have sephora and also you guys have way better things that we don't have here :(.

Alejandra Gutierrez