March 22, 2011


I thought it would be fun to copy my friend's idea and do a post about my skin, hair and makeup daily routine. I hope you enjoy it.
My skincare routine normally consists of removing any eye makeup with an eye makeup remover and adding a pump of the Clinique 3 step cleanser onto my Olay PROx Advanced Cleaning machine and working it into my skin for about a minute. I then proceed to, about once a week, putting a bit of the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask and leaving it for about 15 minutes, which does a great job at drying my very oily skin. I continue by applying, with a cotton pad, the Clinique tonic to remove any dirt the soap might've left, and then moisturizing with the gel version of the Clinique moisturizer, and the amazing Moisturse Surge, also by Clinique.

Whenever I wash my hair, I tend to also blow-dry it, which can damage the strands, so I tend to moisturize it a lot. I use a sulfate free shampoo, and a great inexpensive option is the Eversleek line by L'Oreal. I condition with a mix of a dominican product called "Silicon Mix" and a treatment with Argan. Before blow-drying, I like to apply a small amount of leave-in products, so I mix a tiny bit of Argan Oil with a tiny bit of CHI's Silk Infusion.

When it comes to my makeup, I never skip on SPF, but because I find the usual ones to be very oily and foul smelling, I opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF. I use the one Sephora makes, because the price is very low, but I really, really, reaaaaaally want to try the one by Laura Mercier, since I've heard wonders about it. I add concealer under my eyes and on any red areas and then set it all with MAC's pressed powder. Normally, when I'm just going to college, shopping or running errands, I prefer to not put any makeup on my eyes, or stick with a thin line of gel eyeliner on my lids. When I'm working, however, I like to look a bit more done up, so I use Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner as a base, and then use a few colors or my Coastal Scents neutral palette. Normally gold on the lid, and a blended brown on my crease. I then add mascara. I adore The Falsies, my Maybelline, but OMG what a pain in the ass to get off. On my cheeks, I have a few options: when I'm going to work, I use a matte blush; when I go out at night, I use a shimmery blush; for everyday, I use a cheek stain. Lips, either chapstick, Ruby Woo by MAC, or a nude color.



Anonymous said...

I just bought the olay machine and I'm in love! And the mint julep has been my secret for years, glad to hear someone else loves it too <3

Laly said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh we have good skin taste!!! En verdad que siempre he querido la Clarisonic so when this came out I was extremely excited! Does the mint julep break you out?

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Clarisonic was too expensive for me :p Nope it doesnt, does that happen to you?

Laly said...

hahahaah siii! o sea... It does its purpose of getting rid of the oil, pero a day later a huge pimple shows up haha!