January 27, 2011


Here are my most recent nail polish purchases:

Pinky-Bettina Glamour Collection in Celebrate, Ring- OPI  Play 'Til Midnight, Middle- OPI Burlesque Collection in Bring on the Bling, Index- OPI Burlesque Collection in Show it and Glow it!

Thumb- Essie Playa del Platinum

Consistency was good, but those glitters were a pain in the arse to get rid off!
*click to embiggen.


Thekla said...

great colors!

http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ check it out if you like it we can follow each other xx

Laly said...

Just did! Great blog you got there!

jesuisblonde said...

I love the OPI colors, where do you buy them?

Laly said...

Rusch, I get them at amazon.com... Es donde más baratos los consigo, varian de 3 a 6 dólares each.

jesuisblonde said...