December 6, 2010


 Dear Crystal Renn:
I love you, and I will forever be your fan, but I don’t understand. Are you still even considered a plus sized model?  You sure don’t look like one. I know that your size is not my business, but it just bothers me that a few months ago you gave all these interviews and even made a book about being a plus sized model and were basically giving models like you out there a voice, and now… what?

I thought you looked gorgeous when curvy, I think you look amazing now and I absolutely adore that the photo shoots you’re in now don’t revolve around your weight, or about making plus size models “cool,” and that you’re now being promoted regardless of size, but still, it makes me wonder, have you sold out to the industry?

With love, Laly González.



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jesuisblonde said...

She's not plus size anymore :( have you seen her in this months harpers bazaar???????? D:< Why put out a book of you are just going to shrink months later :/

Laly said...

Exactlyyyyy! She still looks gorgeous, pero c'mon!!

Ruth said...

But was she really 'plus size' to start with? The average dress size in the UK is a 16 and she was nowhere near that!

Plus size should mean what is a larger lady in todays society. People are getting larger (both in height and width) and sizing should reflect that rather than getting smaller!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that we should glorify the fact that people are getting larger in today's society. Plus size should embody what is beautiful about big boned women, who are healthy weights for their height and bone stucture (hence the term "big boned"). Being overweight is unhealthy, the same as underweight, and neither should be hailed as the ideal image.

Laly said...

You're right, but I don't think I'm glorifying her being overweight. I'm applauding her being a plus-sized model. In the fashion world, a plus sized model can be a size 8. Not overweight by any meaning. And you mention that being underweight shouldn't be hailed as an ideal image, but most of the "straight" sized models out there are exactly that. And we seem to love them.