September 1, 2010


Schedule :  
Thursday, September 23

• Lisa Cappalli
• New Generation: Diana Vázquez, Héctor Omar  and José Raúl
• Giovanni Escutaro (Closing)
Friday, September 24
• Jack Abugatas
• John Dunn
• Reinaldo Álvarez
• New Generation: Nicole de Jesús, Reynaldo José, Paola Iturrino and Jose Karlo
Saturday, September 25
• Miriam Budet for the Elite Model Look contest (EGO Magazine)
• New Generation: Yanira Maldonado, Edzel Giovanni and Jaer Cabán
• Eddie Guerrero
The fashion event will include Jaslene González, winner of America's Next Top Model, and argentinean model Ingrid Grudke.
General entrance to the event will be $20 and $50 for VIP.


Fabuleux said...

Hi are you from Puerto Rico. I am,and I'm very happy that you posted this and I was reading your profile and is so Fun I studied Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Journalism and I'm an inspiring Magazine Writer and I love Fashion too so good luck!

jesuisblonde said...

Are you going? The only show that seems worth it to me is Lisa Capalli...maybe we should go hmmm

Previously Owned said...

Are you going? This year it seems like a waste of space/time. Ugh! I'm so pissed at the PRHFW team haha maybe that's why I'm a bit one sided. But I already got the press invite. Not sure if I should go :-/