August 8, 2010


Last night was fun. To commemorate the last weekend of summer before school starts, my friends and I went to Old San Juan. We bought a couple "canecas de chichaíto," a popular anise infused rum. We then sat in front of the cemetery and sang Disney songs and the ever popular "Unbreak My Heart" out loud to the dead. Because we're cool like that. This is what I wore.

Striped tee, White skinny 1969 cropped jeans, Studded tan sandals, all by Gap.

Get the look

Seriously people, I ADORE the Gap. I find such fabulous things at a fraction of their original affordable prices. The shirt I got at Gap Outlets for like $10. The jeans I got yesterday at $17, originally at about $70. The leather sandals seriously cost 7 dollars.
I knew we were going to sit in the floor, which is why I decided to wear this fabulous vintage silk scarf my grandma gave me in my newly short hair. To prevent staining my jeans, I took it off and put it in the floor... which now that I think about was probably a bad idea. Fucking up 17 dollar jeans or a silk vintage scarf...? WTF.
Ugh, school starts in two days. FML.

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