July 26, 2010


A few days ago, while laying down in bed after organizing my closet by colors, I thought about how cool it would be to do a post about what girls should wear to a job interview. In a LiveJournal community I follow, this question pops up almost weekly, but I rarely agree with the answers that are given. Corporate job does not necessarily mean boring, and creative does not mean over the top. Here are my picks:

Corporate Job Interview.

I am doing black colors, which can scream boring, but I added a magenta blouse to make it fun. Even though you can do other colors that are not black, I'd say to keep it neutral. Blacks, grays and khakis work best. Your hair should be simple and away from the face, like on a low bun, and makeup should be kept to a minimum. I prefer neutral eyeshadow, blush and a soft pink lip.
Blazer, Ellen Tracy; Blouse, Debbie Miller for Rigo; Trousers, Old Navy; Pumps, Gucci.

Creative Job Interview

For a job in a graphic design company, an editing firm or anything fashion related, your style should be represented. A skirt can go shorter, fun prints can be added and cute shoes are a must. If your wearing skirt, a blazer or cardigan should be added to balance the look, and vice-versa. The makeup i kept simple also, but bright lips would've been fabulous! Also, you can wear more jewelry. A statement necklace or cute gold bangles would have completed this look to perfection.
Blazer, Ellen Tracy; Shirt, Zara; Dress turned skirt, Lu; Shoes, Michael Kors; Belt, Forever 21.


Anonymous said...

weno linda.
Look at dem legs..

Laly said...

they be looking fabooosh!

Fi Figueroa said...

hey Laly! Thanks for your comment on going to NY! I go every year, and sometimes it's quite a hassle cus, my friends only want "touristic" spots. so this year, hahaha I made my own itinerary! lol Can you believe I'm staying right next to Bleeker St. so it's perfect!

Btw, we NEED to meetup!


Kandi said...

Nice, love the corporate idea.