April 28, 2010


So recently, Hermès eliminated the waiting list for the most unattainable bag in the history of forever. The Birkin Bag.

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Look at me! I'm not impossible anymore! Oh, wait.

If you don't remember, the Birkin Bag had a waiting list of a few years, OMG HAPPINESS I CAN NOW TOTALLY SCORE MY DREAM BAG. Before you get too excited and run to your nearest Neiman Marcus, remember the catch. The cheapest bag still costs over six grand. $6,895 to be exact.



Danny Williams said...

Okay. I am a man. I like mens clothes. So I admit that I probably don't have a good eye for women's clothes and probably even worse with accessories.
I think the girls outfit is the sum of all the parts. A Birkin bag isn't going to make and outfit by itself, it could be a key part but look at it...it's black. it has a gold buckle and a gold lock ??, whup tee do. Maybe the lock is sold gold i dunno...but unless the bag has inspector gadget like qualities inside then it's just not worth it.
Is the bag timeless and a classic or is it going to be good for a season or two and then out of favor ?
Can we talk mens shoes next time ?

Laly said...

hahaha, it's a classic bag. It will probably never go out of style. And thats not the only style, I just put the most basic one. The most famous ones are made of croc skin. Andddd I have no interest in mens clothing!!!